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The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2006|12:27 am]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

anyone have a UK Nova account?

if you do then they currently have episode 7 of series 12 of Never Mind The Buzzcocks available to download with Mr McKnight as a guest.
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GIG! [Dec. 3rd, 2006|08:29 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
15 December 2006 - at PROUD, Stables Market, Camden - The Nightmare Before Xmas Party featuring:

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster


and the Rock and Roll Xmas Choir featuring members of Art Brut, The Holloways, The Rocks and Screaming Ballerinas

8pm - 3am


So go then. Go on...
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NEW INTERVIEW! {and more...} [Nov. 30th, 2006|05:20 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Go here: http://www.phoenixfm.com/read.php?page=7 and look at the pwetty piccie [is it just me or does it look like the journalist has them held at gun point?] then click the link above or just for the interview, go here:

And listen...

The Mighty With Scissors [who have the adorable Darth Fownes of the Disaster on lead guitar/flailing about like a metal freak duties] are on a festive tour too... see below...

Dec 1 The Glebe /Stoke

Dec 2 The Ark /Ayr

Dec 3 Balcony Bar /Dundee

Dec 4 Satan's Hollow /Manchester (tbc)

Dec 6 The Old Angel /Nottingham

Dec 7 Roadkill /Liverpool

Dec 9 Frog and Nightgown /Worksop

Dec 12 TJs /Newport


Nothing on the Disaster front gig wise I'm afraid, sorry guys... but a ho, ho and another skanky ho to each of you.
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Gig? [Nov. 18th, 2006|04:15 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
OK, I haven't had proper confirmation, so this may not be real, but...

If you're in Romford, Essex or can get there tonight, the Disaster are apparently playing a free entry gig as follows:

The Bitter End, 15 High Street, Romford

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Gourami and The Flow

Over 18's only

So, there you go.

Weird, eh?

It's about time they employed me in some capacity really...

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Don't Forget! [Oct. 30th, 2006|03:16 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
All you ghoulish vamps, zombies and serial killers, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster play a gig tommorow [31 October] in Brighton

That's Halloween, dumbass.

Go here: http://www.myspace.com/eightiesmatchboxblinedisaster

And go there as well.

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Another Gig! [Oct. 10th, 2006|01:56 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Be quick - this one's on THURSDAY!

Shit, look at the fucking LINE UP!

Thursday 12th October 2006

144 Charing Cross Road

Eighties Matchbox
Selfish Cunt
Dead Kids
Bono Must Die

DJS - Paddingtons, Statik, Razorlight, Babyshambles, Sean Mclusky, Julian Whitey, Retroettes, Suicidedogz, Uncle Buck, Waks

Tickets £8.00 Advance and £10.00 on the door.

I hate them all. I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM! I hate London too.


Did I mention I quit?
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Halloween Gig! [Oct. 9th, 2006|02:29 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Yes folks, it's the gig that everyone who doesn't work and lives in Brighton has been waiting for!

Tuesday 31 October 2006, Halloween itself, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and the (truly) Vile Imbeciles are playing a gig at the Beach Club in Brighton. Doors I believe are around 8pm. Fancy dress, I understand, is also allowed.

So, there you go. yet again us hard working, been there since the very beginning Northern fans are shunned. So I quit. You heard me, I quit! My pimping days are over - after converting every single motherfucker I've ever met to the joys of the Disaster, and never once asking for anything in return other than that they keep making sweet love to my ears, it's over for me. I'm old now, I want rewards! REWARDS! So unless I get guest list passes and a mention in the new album you can kiss these puppies goodbye!***

PS - In other music news, your new favourite band CARPET (http://www.myspace.com/biffthetramp ) have a host of gigs for your pleasure as follows:

Monday 9 October 2006 - Menai, Bangor
Thursday 12 October 2006 - The Old Angel, Nottingham
Wednesday 25 October 2006 - The Hobgoblin, Brighton
Thursday 26 October 2006 - The Loaded Dog, London

So come along to one of those for some seriously good, in your face, fucked up rock and roll.


*** This may not actually be true, because I love them so much. *sigh*
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Told You So.... [Sep. 6th, 2006|04:26 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
London gig at Artrocker at the Buffalo Bar - Thurs 14 September 2006. This is gonna be jammed so get there early - 1st come 1st served. Doors at 8pm..

>>> Weekly Artrocker Club presents the best new (NEW? Are they mental?) artrock
> Support TBC
+ DJs Stuart Plimsoles
+ Sarah Stilletos
+ Tom and Paul Artrocker

>>> 14th Sept (Thursday) 2006
>>>The Buffalo Bar
259 Upper Street
020 7359 6191

8.30pm - 1am




So there you go you permanently lucky London fuckers. Have fun!
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Rumours [Sep. 2nd, 2006|03:46 pm]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
The Disaster are playing an ArtRocker gig [yes, London again!] soon, apparently... I'll keep you posted...

Apart from that, no other news dammit... and I'm still annoyed.....

PS - the Get Off The Internet Festival went ahead last week minus the Disaster [and with all bands playing for free!]. The mighty Carpet took their place at the top spot, and the roof was almost literally blown off. It was awesome. I'm working on a review, watch this space.....
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MORE GIGGAGE! [Jul. 18th, 2006|10:00 am]
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Tickets £15 from here: http://www.myspace.com/getofftheinternetfestival (it's an all ages gig!)
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